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Animal Feedings at SeaWorld Orlando

How many people can say that they have gotten the chance to feed a dolphin? A stingray? How about sealions or sharks? If you visit SeaWorld in Orlando you can get the rare chance to be up-close to these fascinating animals. For just $17 you can purchase food and share this very unique opportunity with your family. Make a point to ask the Educator in the area any of the questions you may have about the animals. You might just learn something about your brand new favorite animals!

Tip: Be sure to keep a look out for birds in the area. They lurk around these feeding areas and will take your fish if you leave it unattended.

Dolphin feeding:

For just $7 per tray of food you will get the amazing opportunity to enjoy the company of a

friendly dolphin. Be sure to keep in mind that each person who would like to enjoy the feeding must purchase a tray of food in order to enter the feeding area. Each dolphin feeding is at a specific time during the day and can be found in the Key West area. If you find yourself in the area a little too early to grab a spot in line for the feeding check out the underwater viewing. Maybe you will see them make bubble rings!

Stingray feedings:

Head on over to the stingrays exhibit right next to the dolphin feeding area in Key West. 

There is an option that you can purchase to feed the stingrays, sealions, and sharks for just $10! These feedings are all-day. This is my favorite animal to feed at SeaWorld. The best part of it is that you will be able to touch the stingrays. Although they are called stingrays they actually are quite docile and their stingers are trimmed (just like your fingernail). Reach out and pet a stingray on their wing while you feed them. Here is a stingray feeding tip for you; keep your hand low in the water since their mouths are underneath unless you want to create your own splash zone! Be sure to check out the area in the exhibit where the baby stingrays are kept.


In front of Shark Encounter and Sharks Underwater Grill there is an exhibit where you can feed multiple different types of sharks. The feedings run all day long and are included in the $10 you

can pay to feed the stingrays, sharks, and sealions. Amongst the sharks that you can feed are some Blacktip Reef sharks, and Zebra sharks! Don’t forget to visit their friends at Shark Encounter for a unique underwater look at these amazing creatures. Not to mention the chance to learn so much about these mysterious animals.


Also included in the price of the three animal feedings ($10) you will get the hilarious chance to feed these sea lions. Located next to the Sea lion and Otter stadium in Pacific Pointe.

The sea lions love to be the center of your attention when you are there so you will not be disappointed. Stick around after your feeding to watch them play and swim around with each other. Keep an eye out for a bouncy little harbor seal bobbing its head in and out of the water while you are visiting. You might even be able to spot a baby sea lion if you go during the right time of the year.

I hope this encourages you to visit SeaWorld and take part in something truly wonderful. SeaWorld is full of amazing and unique opportunities just like these. Alongside the animal feeding opportunities you will get to explore so many different types of world class animal exhibits and enjoy learning in a very interactive environment.  I hope that this encourages you to include SeaWorld in your next Orlando visit.

(Note:  Prices mentioned in this blog post are subject to change)



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