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Ask Me Monday – Week of 11/11/13

Published November 15, 2013 by Scott Parker

Hi Friends!  The following “Ask Me Monday” questions were sent to me on Monday 11/04/2013 via Facebook, Twitter, Google + and right here on the blog.  Keep the questions coming and you can view past Q&A here.

1.  Can you give a review on the Disney Infinity video game? I can tell you that my kids LOVE Disney Infinity.  I have not figured out, myself, all the ins and outs of it but the definitely give it two thumbs up.  If you are considering making the purchase or asking Santa Claus to drop Disney Infinity off at your house, here is a great review from Tom Bricker at  If you do purchase, I’d love your feedback on the games!

2.  Can you bring food or drinks into the Disney theme parks? Yes, you can bring snacks and non alcoholic drinks into the parks.  You cannot bring glass containers or coolers but snacks and non alcoholic drinks in your bag are fine.

3.  What is “rope-drop?” Rope drop refers to the opening of the park – the time when they drop the barrier ropes.  At the Magic Kingdom there is a welcome show at rope-drop which you should attend at least once.  Get to the park about 30 minutes in advance if you want to see this.  It’s crowded but fun! Here’s a great video of Rope Drop at Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom from our friends at Soarin Fan Productions. [youtube=]

4.  What can I do for free at Walt Disney World? There are lots of free activities at Walt Disney World that can really add a lot of fun to your vacation!  Our travel affiliate, MMP Travel, has a great list of these activities.  Just click here.

5.  Does Disney do anything special for birthday celebrations? Disney loves birthdays (and celebrations in general)!  When you check in, make sure you mention the birthday and ask for a birthday pin.  Wear it everywhere.  Every cast member (and a lot of guests) will wish you a happy birthday.  When you check in for any table-service dining reservations, mention the birthday celebration.  You will get a sweet treat and a card at the end of your meal!  You will also likely find an autographed picture or other small souvenir in your room as a happy birthday gift.  Enjoy!



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