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Cooling Off at Walt Disney World Blizzard Beach

Are you starting to feel that Florida Summer heat?  If the answer is yes, it’s time for a water break.  You and the family should head over to Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park!  This one time ski resort has melted into a water park that offers something for everyone.

Blizzard Beach_19Jun13_15

Scott had to work today, so the kids and I headed out to Blizzard Beach to meet up with a roommate of mine from 20 years ago.  Blizzard Beach offered us the opportunity to relax in the shade and catch up, as well as hop on a tube with our kids and float around the 3,000 feet of Cross Country Creek.

We arrived at Blizzard Beach around 9:15am and found a couple of chairs in a nice shady spot close to the wave pool.  All of the kids were super excited and could not decide what they wanted to do first.  It didn’t take them long, however, to divide and conquer all of the pools and slides multiple times!

Blizzard Beach_19Jun13_9

The kids became hungry for breakfast very quickly.  It was at this moment I thought we had found what I would call “Breakfast Heaven”.  Are you ready for this…they have these amazing, hot Mini Donuts that you can dip into melted chocolate, white chocolate or rasberry.  If only you were able to taste them through this blog.  As you can see below, Jayla LOVED them!

Blizzard Beach_19Jun13_11

Another item that Blizzard Beach offered was a refillable drink mug.  The mug was $10 and they allow you to bring the mug back to Blizzard Beach or Typhoon Lagoon and you can have endless refills for $7.  When you return with the mug they will put a new bar code scan on the cup.  Once that’s done, you are ready for the soda self service.  And did I mention how cute the cup is?

Blizzard Beach_19Jun13_8

The kids were now full from donuts and chocolate so they headed back to the water.  Below are just a few pictures of the kids and the great time they had!  You will notice  the first picture is Lane “Taking the Plunge” down Summit Plummet.  A 12 story drop that none of us dared to try!

We were at the park all day and had a wonderful time.  Before we left, however, we had to indulge in one more item.  The SAND PAIL!  This pail of ice cream deliciousness was a great way to top off our day at Blizzard Beach.

Blizzard Beach_19Jun13_14

The kids and I loved our time at Blizzard Beach and I know we will be back soon.



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