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Florida Department of Motor Vehicles: Converting Your Out of State Drivers License at the Florida DM

When you hear the letters DMV, no matter what state you live in, you probably cringe.  Well, I can tell you it’s hit and miss here in Florida for a well run DMV office as well.  I have to admit, I think I was one of the lucky ones.  I had the pleasure of visiting the Lake Mary Drivers License & Motor Vehicle Services location.  My experience was painless, but I was prepared.  If you have all the necessary documentation your trasaction should go smoothly.  When you take the Florida Plunge, you can find the closest DMV office by visiting the Florida DMV website.

So, you may be asking,  what documentation do I need to change my out of state license to a Florida license.  Ask anyone that has plunged before you and they will say bring everything, including the kitchen sink.  The first thing you will bring is your current drivers license.  Assuming that it is from a US state that Florida recognizes as a primary form of ID then getting your Florida drivers license can be pretty easy.  Your drivers license will be recognized by Florida as a primary source of identification.  When attempting to transfer your out of state license, you must also present a second form of ID like a social security card, marriage certificate, a life insurance policy, or a birth certificate.  Here you an find a complete list of Second Forms of ID accepted by the state of Florida.

If you have all of this paperwork, changing your drivers license will be painless!  For more information on obtaining a Florida drivers license, visit the

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