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How To Make Disney Hidden Mickey Cupcakes at Home!

As many of you know, my family and I took what we like to call a Christmas Crawl around Seven Seas Lagoon this past Christmas.  On our monorail tour we stopped at each resort to admire their Christmas decorations.  Our first stop was The Contemporary Resort.  Once we arrived, we headed to the 4th floor to view the Gingerbread Tree, which by the way is amazing.  Located at the base of the tree is an area where you can buy all kinds of Disney baked goodies.  There were gluten free gingerbread shingles, It’s a Small World Sugar Cookies and then there were these Mini Cupcakes with Hidden Mickey’s inside.  We were so fascinated with these cupcakes and how Disney chefs made them.  We were so intrigued by these hidden Mickey cupcakes that we couldn’t stop talking about them during our entire Christmas crawl.  We kept discussing how they are perfect for not just Christmas, but Halloween, Thanksgiving, any Holiday.  They are also great for Birthdays.

As soon as we arrived home, I hit twitter and sent a message to Disney Executive Chef, Robert Gilbert.  I tweeted to Chef Robert that I had to know how Disney chefs got these hidden Mickey’s inside  this mini cupcakes.  Chef Robert was quick to reply and told me that he would be spending the morning at The Contemporary Resort and that he would be putting something together for me.

Chef Robert was kind enough to provide detailed instructions and now I am very exctied to share them with you.  I think you will be surprised at how easy is to make these Disney Hidden Mickey cupcakes.  Yes, you too can make Hidden Mickey Cupcakes right in your very own kitchen!

Here are the steps: 1.  Roll Pre-Baked Brownies into spheres (Note: To help bind, add 1/4-1/2 of cupcake mix) 2.  Roll Pre–Baked Brownies into rods 3.  Cut rods and turn into circles 4.  Place spheres into circles 5.  Place sphere side down in the cupcake mold first 6.  Place cupcake batter all around brownies 7.  Bake cupcakes and decorate 8.  Cut cupcakes and show Hidden Mickey 9.  Serve this Hidden Mickey surprise to your guests

I’d like to give a big thanks to Chef Robert for sharing this Disney treasure with me, so that I could share with you.

Again, their are endless occasions that you can make these cupcakes for.  My favorite however, is just because I want a cupcake!


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