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Magical Photo Wednesday – Imagineers

I have a lot to say about this image and how it came about. Within the Disney photo community there are many (many) highly skilled and amazing photographers. There are guys that take huge wide angle landscapes, guys that kill at doing HDR shots, guys that close down parks to grab that perfect empty shot of the castle, guys that shoot fireworks and make them prettier than they are in real life, guys that… well you get it. (By guys I mean gals as well!).  Since there are so many great different styles of photography in the community I always try to approach my images from a different perspective. I do this so I can contribute to the community with an image that they may not have seen before, or find that angle that has not been explored. (key word is try, I would never say that I excel at it).

I walked up to the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train while still under construction with this in mind.  I took a few shots wide, incorporated the Beasts castle, slowed the shutter to get the waterfall, and I even considered coming back at night to get an HDR composite of the ride.  Nothing was really working for me. In my head I pictured the flood of images I would be seeing come from this exact location and I had to do something different.  As I was packing up my stuff to continue on I saw it; Two Imagineers looking over the ride with a checklist. I framed them quickly in the viewfinder and smiled. Boom. It looked like they were on top of a huge mountain. The guy on the right looked at me like I was crazy and I smiled and gave him a wave.

I love capturing cast members and people at Disney, the human element of Disney if you will. I find it really adds to the image and helps people connect with the image on a more intimate level.  Catching Imagineers in the wild while going over a checklist, well It doesn’t get much cooler than that. Then again I am a Disney Imagineer geek 😉

I hope you enjoy and look forward to your comments.

~ Justin

You can view more pictures form Justin on Flickr.


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