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Show Your Disney Side With This Disney Mickey Mouse American Flag T-Shirt DIY Craft Project

Looking for the perfect way to show your Disney Side on a patriotic holiday?  Look no further.  Here is an easy way to show your Disney Side with this Disney Mickey Mouse American Flag T-Shirt DIY Craft Project.

Items needed to complete this project: Coat Hanger for each T-shirt Wax Paper 1 Piece of Cardboard Plain Grey T-Shirt for each family member. (We purchased ours from our local craft store) 1 Large Wooden Circle for template (Purchase at local craft store) 2 Small Wooden Circles for template (Purchase at local craft store) Masking Tape Poster Board Star Stencil/Stamp Foam Paint Brush or Stamp Brush Fabric Paint or Regular Craft Paint (Red and Blue) Iron

STEP 1: Using the 3 wooden circles trace a Mickey Mouse shape onto poster board.  Cut out shape and then using masking tape, tape across creating the stripes of the flag.

STEP 2: Fold long piece of wax paper over a clothes hanger.

STEP 3: Place t-shirt on clothes hanger and then insert piece of cardboard between the wax paper halves for stability.

Mickey DIY_5

STEP 4: Eye the center of your shirt and place template.  Using your foam paint brush, paint red paint onto t-shirt in all sections, except left Mickey ear.  (We used regular craft paint, however you can also use fabric paint.)

Mickey DIY_7

STEP 5: Using the star stamp, fill in the left ear by stamping stars onto the t shirt.

Mickey DIY_9

STEP 6: Once finished painting, your stencil will look like this on the t-shirt.  Slowly remove stencil not to smear wet paint.

Mickey DIY_11

STEP 7: Slowly remove the cardboard from the center of the shirt.  Hang t-shirt to dry with wax paper still on the hanger with the t-shirt.  The wax paper will ensure paint does not bleed through the shirt to the back side of the t-shirt.

STEP 8: Since we used regular craft paint for our project, we suggest you place a dry towel over the painted section of the t-shirt and iron using high heat for 30 seconds.  If you use fabric paint, you will follow the directions provided on the fabric paint bottle.

Mickey DIY_12

At this point your Disney Mickey Mouse Patriotic T-Shirt is complete and ready to wear.  Here is our family showing our Disney Side during our Fourth of July celebration at Fort Myers Beach, Florida. 

Mickey DIY_13

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