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Snacks You Must Try At Walt Disney World

Hi Florida Plungers!  This is Kim White, agent at MMP Travel and I’m’ excited to share with my list of snacks you must try at Walt Disney World.  Let me first say, that while these are my favorite snacks at Walt Disney World, the list is really endless. These are my go-to snacks, but I would love to hear your opinions and what you love the most.  My choices are in no particular order except #1:

  1. Mickey Ice Cream Bars are the first choice for my family.  I think in recent visits, the bars have gotten a little smaller, but the chocolate is getting thicker.  So, there ya go. Disney has balanced that out.

  1. Mickey Pretzels. I don’t think these really taste much different than other hot pretzels, but something about the shape and balancing out the salty with the sweet (after ice cream) just works.

  2. Dole Whip! OK, I put the exclamation on there, because I avoided this for so long. I don’t know why because I heard it was really good. I was missing out. It’s a great snack to cool you off and it’s very refreshing. You can even make these at home. Check out Taking the Florida Plunge post here for recipe.

  3. Beignets, Ah…the first time I had these was with my fellow MMP Travel Agents when we stopped by Port Orleans Sassagoula Floatworks Food Factory. These little bites of yummy New Orleans doughnuts had just come out of the oven and were warm and amazing. I’m usually not a big doughnut fan, but I would definitely eat these again. And if you share with those you love, they are even better.  (Note:  You can even request a Mickey shaped beignet be made!)

  1. You know that old saying, ‘everything but the kitchen sink’? Well here you get the sink too. Check out The Kitchen Sink at Beaches and Cream located at The Beach Club Resort. (Can you tell I like ice cream?) This sink is full of 8 scoops of ice cream, brownies, bananas, whip cream, hot fudge… and just about everything offered at the counter. Don’t think about your calorie consumption here. After all, you’ll walk it off right? This is probably the most expensive ‘snack’ you’ll find at Walt Disney World with a bill heading your way at $29. Personally if you finish it yourself, I think you should get a shirt that says, ‘I Survived The Kitchen Sink.’  (Note:  If you really feel you want to save those calories, you can get a smaller version of The Kitchen Sink, called Mickey’s Kitchen Sink.  Less ice cream and toppings, but you do get a great Mickey Pants Sink souvenir bucket for only $14.99.)


So I ask you again, what Walt Disney World snack do you recommend as a “Must Try”?  Leave a comment below and Scott and me know!

To check out these great Disney World snacks yourself, book your vacation with a first time Disney expert, REQUEST A QUOTE today from MMP Agent, Kim White  or call her at 800-272-7739 X707

Kim White is an expert travel planner specializing in first-time visitors to Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Cruise Line, Universal Orlando, the Caribbean and Las Vegas. Planning your first visit can be overwhelming. Kim will handle all the details so that you can just relax and enjoy the trip!   



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