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Taking A Cruise Gluten Free

Cruising is becoming a great option for those with Celiac Disease or anyone else who is gluten-free. Each cruise line’s policies vary depending on the region and executive chef on board but some cruise lines will definitely be more accommodating than others. No matter which cruise you choose there are always a couple of important things to remember.

Be Patient– Remember use the tips and tricks you do in everyday life to make sure your needs are met. Be friendly and educate those around you of your particular needs. You are their guest, they are there for you. Bringing dining cards that list your food intolerance or allergy is always a good point of reference for your server and the chef to make sure your every need is met.

Work Closely With Your Travel Agent (ME!)– I specialize in those traveling with food restrictions. Let me do all the dirty work for you. I know the necessary steps to take and the right questions to ask so we can make sure traveling with dietary restrictions does not cause any disruptions in your trip. My job is to help make sure you have a stress-free vacation and your dietary needs are met. I will do all of the research for you. Here are a few cruise lines that you may want to consider for your next trip….

Disney Cruise Line works its magic and works closely with the guests to make sure their every dietary need and concern is met. They go above and beyond. Trust me, you will feel like VIP! When I book your Disney Cruise for you I will not only note your specific dietary needs on your reservation, but I will call the cruise line personally to ensure you can leave your worries at home and have the most magical trip ever!

Royal Caribbean has really taken a major step in accommodating those of us with traveling with food restrictions. They have recently enlisted a registered and licensed dietician and nutritional consultant to work closely with the chef to now offer a wide variety of gluten-free and lactose-free options. Other needs can be accommodated as well. All gluten-free menu options are now clearly labeled and they are now even offering gluten-free bread! Again, I will note your dietary restriction at the time of booking and you will be more than taken care of.

Celebrity Cruise Lines encourages those traveling with dietary restrictions to note their special need at the time of booking and to fill out a “special needs” form prior to their trip. A “special needs” representative will then contact you for more details, if needed. You will meet with dining staff the first night of the cruise to make sure your every need is met.

With 1 out of every 141 people now diagnosed with Celiac Disease, cruising is now one of the safer options for those traveling with Celiac Disease and other food intolerances or allergies. The major cruise lines have really taken some big steps in the right direction so those of us that have specific food restrictions can now rest assured we will be taken care of and most importantly, not get sick. I have highlighted three of the major cruise lines here but there are many other great options as well.

Carnival and Norwegian Cruise Lines now have policies in place to take care of guests with dietary restrictions.

Cruising with dietary restrictions doesn’t have to dampen your fun. Contact me today so we can find the cruise that’s right for you!

Laura Pankow is a travel agent with MMP Travel who lives and travels with Celiac disease. She specializes in helping travelers with food restrictions enjoy safe and stress-free vacations.  Contact Laura at to plan your next trip and remember what it’s like to enjoy traveling again!

Are you ready to visit Walt Disney World?  Click REQUEST A QUOTE today for MMP Travel agent Laura Pankow.



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