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The Orlando Eye Inner Wheel Complete, Work Begins Now On The Outer Wheel Bringing Structure to 400 F

We recently reported that The Orlando Eye had completed its Hub Installation.  I’m happy to share with you that The Orlando Eye celebrates another major construction milestone with the completion of the spoke installation of the inner wheel, clearing the way for work to begin on the outer wheel, eventually bringing the massive structure to a height and width of 400 feet, making it the tallest observation wheel on the East Coast of the United States.

orlando eye

Photo Courtesy of Jen Vargas (@JenVargas)

As it stands, the Eye can be seen from miles around, and many believe the structure is nearly complete. However, the outer wheel still needs to be constructed, then workers can begin the installation process of the glass capsules, and finally, work can begin on the electrical and A/V components of the Eye.

“This is a really exciting moment for The Orlando Eye. From this point forward, construction will soon showcase the true height of the Eye at 400 feet,” said James Paulding, head of new openings for North America for Merlin Entertainments. “Work is progressing quickly, and we are on track for our grand opening next spring.”

The outer wheel of the Eye is expected to be complete by the end of the year. To follow along with news and updates, visit

The Orlando Eye is scheduled to open in spring 2015.



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