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The Thiel Family Took the Florida Plunge

Today I give you the Thiel family!  In case it’s not noticeable in the picture, this family is HUGE New Orleans Saints fans.  I’m so glad the Thiel family was willing to share their story with us.

Thiel Family

 Scott:  Who took the plunge? Heidi:  My family of 4!  Myself, my husband Frank, my daughter who is 15 and our 6 year old son.

Scott:  When did you take the plunge? Heidi:  We took the plunge in August 2010.

Scott:  Where did you move from? Heidi:  We moved from New Orleans, LA, home of the New Orleans Saints!

Scott:  What area of Florida did you move to? Heidi:  We live in the great city of Orlando.

Scott:  Why did you choose that area? Heidi:  Honestly, we are Disney Nerds!

Scott:  Did you choose to buy or rent when you took your plunge and why? Heidi:  When we relocated in 2010, we chose to rent.  We really wanted to get to know the area before we made a permanent choice.

Scott:  Why did you relocate to Orlando?  Heidi: Living in New Orleans, public school was NOT an option for our children as the school system was failing.  Catholic school was costing us about 5K a year for tuition, uniforms and supplies for just one child and at the time our son would have been starting soon as well.  Our family made annual trips to Disney World and sometimes twice a year.  The more we thought about it, relocating our family to Orlando just made sense.

Scott:  Did you have any problems finding a job after you took the plunge? Heidi:  I am a stay at home Mom, however Frank used a recruiter to find a job before we moved.

Scott:  What has been the most difficult part of your move? Heidi:  My husband and I both grew up in the area we left.  It has been hard being away from family,

Scott:  Now that you have taken the plunge and been here a couple of years, what is your 3 favorite things about living in Florida? Heidi:  The unlimited Dining options, the unlimited Entertaining options and being able to go do Walt Disney World at our leisure!

Scott:  What advise would you offer to anyone considering taking the plunge? Heidi:  Do your best to have employement lined up before you relocate.  Rent before owning so you have the opportunity to get to know the various areas and GO FOR IT!

Scott:  How far from Walt Disney World are you located? Heidi:  We are a very short 20 minutes from our front door.

Scott:  What is your families favorite Disney park: Heidi:  Our family loves to hang out at Epcot.

Scott:  What is your families favorite Disney attraction? Heidi:  We LOVE to ride Space Mountain as a family!

Scott:  What is your families favorite Disney dining experience? Heidi:  We really enjoy eating at Ohana.

Scott:  Who is your families favorite Disney character? Heidi:  That has to be Goofy, he fits in with the Thiel family nicely!

Scott:  Heidi, do you have anything else you’d like to share with the readers? Heidi:  There will always be some reason you are skeptical about making a life change.  It could be finances, family, friends and the list goes on.  At some point you  just have to live a little and TAKE THE PLUNGE!  What’s life without a few risks?


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