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We Show Our DisneySide with our “Disney Face”!

One of our favorite things to do when we take pictures of each other is make a “Disney Face”.  We have made it a tradition when taking pictures, no matter where or what the occasion, to at least have one with our “Disney Face”.  We started this tradition in 2007 when we took our oldest son to Disneyland.  He was 3 at the time.  I guess you could say we were showing our Disney Side before we know what Disney Side was!  We had so much fun with our “Disney Face”, I thought I’d share a few pics from that first family trip to Disneyland.

Does your family have any silly things they do when you are in the parks?

The "Look At That" Face

The “Look At That” Face

The "Can You Believe It" Face

The “Can You Believe It” Face

The "Holy Cow" Face

The “Holy Cow” Face

The "Look Over There" Face

The “Look Over There” Face

The "Ooooohhhh" Face

The “Ooooohhhh” Face

The "Look Back There" Face

The “Look Back There” Face

This is Donald's "Hey Look At Me" Face

This is Donald’s “Hey Look At Me” Face

The "I Found It " Face

The “I Found It ” Face

The "I'll Ride if You Ride" Face

The “I’ll Ride if You Ride” Face

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