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Why Florida? Why Not?

We are often asked, Why Florida? Our answer is simple. Why not?

As a child, my family and I spent all of our Summers in Southwest Florida. Ft Myers Beach to be exact. Kristi I continue that family tradition today by spending at least 2-3 weeks with long time friends and family at Ft Myers Beach every Summer. The picture you see above was taken on the beach in front of our condo. Isn’t it beautiful?

You may be asking yourself, if you love Ft Myers Beach why aren’t you moving to Southwest Florida. Well, it’s simple. Ft Myers Beach is a place we love to vacation and get away from reality. It’s a place where we love to spend time relaxing time with our family and friends that we have known for 30 plus years. It’s a place I love to go sit, relax and enjoy the sunsets like the one in the above picture.

So why Orlando? We knew we wanted to live in or near a destination city. Orlando met that criteria. Because it’s such a popular destination, we knew it would allow us the opportunity to stay connected with the friends and family throughout the country, as well as allow us to easily travel the state and make new discoveries. Also, we wanted to be near Walt Disney World and all of the magic it has to offer. Living less than an hour away will offer our family the opportunity to enjoy the parks at a pace most people will never experience.

Kristi and I have dreamed of living in Florida for many years. We are nervous and excited about the new adventures ahead of us. We are also excited that when we are sitting in our rockers, we know we will never say “I wish we had moved to Florida when we had the chance.”


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