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You Asked For It – Here Are Even More Tidbits About Me!

Name: Scott Parker Twitter: @FloridaPlunge Facebook page: Google+ TripAdvisor profile: Instagram: LinkedIn: Age: I was born in 1968. Originally From:  Warsaw, NC, but moved to Ft Worth, TX after college to work for American Airlines. University: East Carolina University Major:  Communications Do I Work:  Yes, I work as a GDS/Channel Analyst in the Travel Industry. Favorite Hobby:  Photography Favorite Color: Purple Favorite BookTuesdays with Morrie, a memoir by American Writer Mitch Albom Favorite MovieZoolander directed by Ben Stiller Least Favorite Movie: Almost Heroes directed by Christopher Guest.  Big fan of the late Chris Farley, but I literally put the arms up on my theater chairs and went to sleep. Favorite Food:  Pigs In A Blanket, Macaroni ‘n Cheese and Banana Pudding (This would literally be my last meal if it came down to it.) Favorite Television: So many, I’m a TV’aholic!  Let’s just say I love REALITY TV and there aren’t many reality shows I haven’t seen.  Don’t believe me, just ask. Favorite television theme music: Three’s Company, The Jeffersons, Sanford & Son and I whistle My Three Son’s all the time.  Yes, I love my old sitcoms from when I was a kid! Favorite Sports:  Baseball (Texas Rangers), College Football (ECU Pirates), College Basketball (UNC), Tennis and Soccer.


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