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An Engagement at Magic Kingdom

Published November 8, 2013 by Scott Parker

This is a love story!  A love story between two people who were brought together because of their love for Disney.  Melissa and Sal met in 2011.  It was during this time that a friendship blossomed between these two all while doing something they loved, recording a Disney podcast for The Best Magic.  It became apparent to Melissa and Sal, and everyone around them, that feelings were starting to grow between the two of them.  Melissa and Sal decided to take this relationship on the road, so in February 2012 Sal made his way to Florida and they made their first trip to Walt Disney World together.  As much fun as it was to spend time together in the park, it seems the most valuable time was spent during dinners at Downtown Disney.  The first dinner was at T-Rex and the second at House of Blues.  It was during these dinners that Melissa and Sal

were able to share their dreams with each other and really get to know each other.  When this Disney trip ended and Sal returned home, however it seems they both realized that they love bug had bit them and they were both falling fast for each other.  The following days and months were full of text messages and phone calls.  Melissa and Sal hated having miles separate them so another trip was planned to Disney for August 2013.  Melissa was excited when Sal arrived and she even remembers a box being delivered to the house, but she thought nothing of it.  On August 24th, Melissa and Sal started their day at Epcot with Melissa’s Mom and Sister.  They were having a great day with Melissa’s Mom and Sister, when Sal stated that he was starting to get cold and was going to run back to the hotel to grab his “jacket”.  Melissa found this to be very strange as it was not cold out, but thought nothing of it.  Melissa and her Mom continued to enjoy Epcot, and Sal returned to the hotel with Melissa’s sister to pick up his “jacket”, aka the box!  As evening came upon them, they made their way to Magic Kingdom to see friends from England, as well as grab a couple of seats in the train station for Wishes and Celebrate the Magic.  As always, the shows were amazing.  Once the shows completed, Sal asked Melissa if he would walk Main Street with him as he had something on Main Street.  Melissa, not knowing what he

had lost, said hes even though she had no idea how they would find anything on Main Street with the crowd that was there.  Melissa and Sal ended up walking all around Main Street, when all of a sudden they ended up in front of her favorite character, Stitch.  It was at this moment that Sal, on one knee, said those magical words that every Princess wants to here.  Will You Marry Me?  Melissa, who was in complete shock, said YES!  Melissa and Sal are now planning a Disney wedding!

Everyone send Melissa and Sal your best wishes!

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