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Ask Me Monday – Week of 11/18/13

Published December 5, 2013 by Scott Parker

Hi Friends!  The following “Ask Me Monday” questions were sent to me on Monday 11/25/2013 and 12/02/12013 via Facebook, Twitter, Google + and right here on the blog.  Keep the questions coming and you can view past Q&A here.

1.  Do  you happen to know of any referral sites other than Angie’s List? For example we are trying to find an Irrigation system/Landscaper for next week. Another site that I’ve seen is Home Advisor.  They appear to be similar to Angies List, but no fee required.  I must state a disclaimer.  I’ve never used Angies List or Home Advisor.  I always approach my neighbors for referrals. 2.  What are the best cable/tv/phone providers to use?  Heard Bright House isn’t too hot. We live in an area where Bright House is the sole provider.  When we were in the process of relocating to Orlando, we had heard the same concerns regarding Bright House, however I can tell you that we have had no issues.  We have a bundle package form Bright House and I have not once been without internet, cable or phone and we have had not had a negative experience. 

3.  Do you happen to know the whereabouts of Mr. Claus at Downtown Disney? Yes, Mr. Clause is located between the World of Disney store and the Basin Store at Downtown Disney. 4.   My husband and I are moving to the Orlando area in the fall of 2015.  I’ll be retired from teaching in Arkansas then.  Was wondering how to go about getting my license to teach in Florida.  Any advice? This is a great question.  Requirements to transfer your teaching credentials is going to depend on the reciprocal agreement between Arkansas and Florida.  We moved from Texas, and we learned that Florida recognizes Texas has having a strict Teacher certification.  Because of this, Texas certification was able to be transferred to Florida for $75 per area.  Kristi was able to transfer to teach English and Social Studies, grades 5-9.

One thing we did learn is that Florida does not recognize a Masters Degree in Education Curriculum.  They require that the Masters degree be in a field that has a certification test.  This was a let down seeing all the work Kristi put in for her Masters degree.

Here is the link for the Florida DOE Reciprocity.


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