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Be Our Guest Restaurant Lunch Dining Reservations for Walt Disney World Resort Guests with FastPass+

Updated 10/10/2014 at 11:00am EST Upon returning to Be Our Guest for stand by our friend, Dave, was told that BOG Dining was at “Full Capacity”.  He was not able to obain a FastPass+ reservation as he is not staying on site, however another circle was made over to the Be Our Guest check in at 11am and a return time” card was able to be obtained. According to Dave, it was obvious that only a limited amount of return cards were available so there is no guarantee that this will happen for every guest every visit.

Change, even at Disney, is inevitable.  But I hope by sharing this you can see that the changes Disney is making is to make a more enjoyable visit for you, the guest.  It’s not a guarantee that a standby pass will be available for every guest, every time, but I believe Disney is going to do it’s best to make new procedures work in our benefit.  I believe that changes happening right now at Be Our Guest is still very fluid and Disney is continuing to tweak the system until they make ti the best possible experience for all.

bog return card


Updated: 10/10/2014 at 9:30am EST Our friend Dave Drumheller of WDW Guided Tours is at Magic Kingdom today.  He made a point to stop by Be Our Guest to speak to cast members about recent changes and was advised the following:

  1. New System is completely crowd dependent.

  2. You can continue to walk up to BOG and there is a “chance” you may get a lunch reservation.

  3. If dining room is at capacity, CM’s may hand out return time tickets, but again not guaranteed since this is all dependent on capacity.

So what do we know new?  Not much.  Walt Disney World seems to be continually testing and tweaking to ensure that guest have a magical experience.  Stay tuned and we’ll keep you updated with changes (and I’m sure there will be changes) as we receive them.


It appears that Be Our Guest Restaurant lunch service, located in Magic Kingdom Fantasyland, will be for Walt Disney World guests only with a FastPass+ reservation.  Be Our Guest is no longer accepting walk up reservations.  We are not sure if this is being “tested” for a limited amount of time or if this is permanent, however we have been told that an end date has not been publicized.

You may recall that Be Our Guest recently tested the paper return times with guests.  Though somewhat successful, I know my family first hand experienced not being quick enough in the morning to obtain a return time pass.

There are currently no changes to the Be Our Guest dinner service.

We will let you know as soon as more information become available.

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