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Challenge 4 #FPHSH Florida Plunge Holiday Scavenger Hunt

Published December 11th, 2013 by Scott Parker

CHALLENGE 4 for the Florida Plunge Holiday Scavenger Hunt!

Reindeer Games

One thing our family loves to do during the holiday season is play games with family and friends?  We play Board Games, Video Games, Outside Games…all kinds of games, however we have never played games with Reindeer.  Don’t you think Reindeer Games would be fun?

For 10 Points – Send in a picture of you, family and friends playing some type of game!  Oh yeah, you know the drill!  Be sure there is a great #FPHSH sign included in your picture!  !

BONUS POINTS: 5 Bonus Points – How can you play Reindeer Games without ANTLERS?  For every pair of Antlers worn (be creative) by a human you will receive 5 points.  Only 1 pair of antlers per “human” game players will be credited, but if you want to wear multiple pairs just for effect, I say go for it!

Extra Bonus: 10 Points – So you are playing a game and wearing antlers.  Everyone wearing antlers must now have a red nose too.  This 10 points is an all or none.  Everyone in the photo has must have a red nose to get this bonus 10 points!

Entry photos must be submitted to Taking the Florida Plunge or emailed to Florida Plunge by 11:59pm CST, Saturday, December 14th, 2013.  (Please include your first and last name in your post/email to ensure the points are given to the correct participant.)



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