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Challenge 6 for #FPHSH2 is Complete and We Have The Official Florida Plunge Ugly Sweater

All of you did great!  Unfortunately only 1 team could win the 100 points for the #FPHSH2 Challenge 6.  Here are the results

Receiving 70 Points – Dave Drumheller

Challenge 6_Dave Drumheller_70

Receiving 130 Points – The Schelins

Challenge 6_Schenlin_80

Receiving 140 Points – Amy Shelley

Challenge 6_Amy_90

And the #FPHSH2 Challenge 6 Ugly Sweater Winner, receiving 150 points, is The Stinson Family!

Challenge 6_Lisa Stinson_100

Leaderboard as of now is as follows:

Amy Shelley – 301 Schelin Family – 263 Stinson Family – 237 Dave Drumheller – 179

Tonight I want you to rest up and challenge 7 will be out after midnight tonight!  Be prepared, this one has a very short turnaround!


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