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Disney Parks Blog Video and Photo Gallery of #NotSoScary Meet Up

September 17, 2013 by Scott Parker

I know I said it before, but Benjamin and I had a blast at the Disney Parks Blog #NotSoScary Meet Up.  One thing we had to do before admittance was sign consent forms for video and pictures and allow Disney to use.  We signed them and never thought in a million years we’d find ourselves on their website.  I showed the pictures and video to Benjamin after school today and he was shocked!  He wanted to send the video to everyone he know.  What he didn’t know was I felt the same way.  So here it is, in case you didn’t see it.  I present to you our photo that is included in the Disney Parks Blog photo gallery and I’ve also included their You Tube video recap as well.  You may see Mr Smee and a young pirate with a beautiful Princess!


Picture Taken at Disney Parks Blog #NotSoScary Meet Up


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