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Disney Pin Codes – How Do They Work?

October 18, 2013 by Christine Hardenberger

How Do Disney PIN Codes Work?

Disney PIN codes are being released!  You may have already gotten an offer for Free Dining or a Room Discount this January through March.  Everyone gets so excited when that little flyer is delivered by the postal carrier or that e-mail appears in the inbox, but what, exactly, is a Disney PIN and how does it work?

Disney PIN codes are sent out to past guests in the hopes of getting them to book again.  These Disney PINs are special offers that will allow guests to save on a Disney vacation.  The offers can be anything from Free Dining to a certain percentage off the room rate.  These offers can be booked directly through Disney or with your favorite travel agent.

Who Can Use The PIN?

Disney PIN code offers are specific to the guest to whom they were sent.  Before booking a Disney PIN offer, the agent will have to verify the name of the guest, address and ZIP code.  If these do not match, then the PIN is not valid.  Disney makes no exceptions to this.  However, this does not mean that you can’t share the love!  Most Disney PIN codes are valid for up tothree rooms.  This means that if you’d like to take along friends or family, they can take advantage of the discount, too!  The PIN code holder must be the lead guest on one of the three reservations.

I am a past guest, but I didn’t get a Disney PIN.  What do I do?

Call Disney or your travel agent!  They can check to see if a PIN is available to you.  Oftentimes, people either don’t receive or accidentally discard their Disney PIN offer.  However, the offer is still in the Disney system and can still be accessed and used.

I checked, but there is no PIN available to me.  Why?  I am a past guest.

Being a past guest does not guarantee that a Disney PIN will be assigned to you.  The PIN codes are not offered to all guests.  Don’t take it personally.  Disney’s marketing folks offer the PINs based on your past reservations.  If you took advantage  of Free Dining before, they may offer it again.  If you love to stay at the Polynesian, they may send you the offer for 40% off Deluxe Resorts.  Just because you were not offered the current Disney PIN doesn’t mean you won’t be offered the next one!  Keep your eyes open and check back as new codes are released.

Can I use my Disney PIN with other discounts?

You cannot use your Disney PIN with other Disney discounts.  Disney allows only one discount per reservation.  If you book through Disney, you get one discount.  However, travel agents may offer an additional discount on top of the Disney PIN.  This is one of the occasions where booking through an agent can save you more than booking through Disney directly.

I’ve never been to Disney before so I won’t get a Disney PIN.  What can I do to save?

Don’t despair!  Often, a few months after the PIN is released, Disney releases a similar discount to the general public.  Again, here is where a travel agent can help.  Your agent will let you know

about new Disney discounts as they are released.  Many times, the best discounts are not advertised by Disney!

The truth is that there is almost always a Disney discount available whether or not you have a Disney PIN.  You just have to know where to look!

If you’ve received a Disney PIN give us a call!  We can book your reservation using your Disney PIN plus offer an additional discount  Contact MMP Travel at 800-272-7739, or Request A Quote

Christine Hardenberger (The Vacation Architect­­­­­­­) can help you navigate the travel maze.  She is the owner of MMP Travel and an authority on Disney, Universal Studios and cruise vacations.  She has been recently featured on MSNBC’s Today Travel, Trekaroo and the book Ultimate Family Travel Hacks:  How to Have More Fun, Save $$ and Avoid Melt-downs When Your Family Hits the Road.   

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