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EpiPens Now Available at Walt Disney World and Aboard Disney Cruise Ships

Disney continues to lead the way in accommodating guests with food allergies.  In a major step in the right direction to improve safety for guests suffering from severe food allergies, Walt Disney World has just signed a multi-year agreement with Mylan Inc. which includes access to EpiPen and EpiPen Jr auto injectors throughout Walt Disney World parks and Disney cruise ships. Included in this agreement are updated maps and signs throughout the parks and cruise ships that will quickly and efficiently point guests in the direction of available EpiPens in the case of an emergency. EpiPens are used for the emergency treatment of life-threatening allergic reactions caused by allergens, exercise or unknown triggers.  In addition to the EpiPen availability, nurses will also be on-site at designated locations to help administer the EpiPen injection in the case of an emergency.

Way to go Disney!  I am thoroughly impressed with their care and concern for guests with severe food allergies.  This new alliance will help guests suffering from severe allergies have an amazing stress-free vacation.  EpiPen locations on the Disney cruise ships and within Disney parks will begin rolling out in late 2014 so keep an eye out!    As always, guests that must carry an EpiPen with them due to severe allergies may continue to do so within the parks.

I specialize in guests traveling with food restrictions.  Your safety and wellbeing are my number one priority.  Let’s make sure you have a magical and stress-free vacation that you and your family will never forget!

Are you ready to visit Walt Disney Worldsal Orlando?  Click REQUEST A QUOTE today for MMP Travel agent Laura Pankow.

Laura Pankow is a travel agent with MMP Travel who lives and travels with Celiac disease. She specializes in helping travelers with food restrictions enjoy safe and stress-free vacations.  Contact Laura at to plan your next trip and remember what it’s like to enjoy traveling again!



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