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Florida Plunge Birthday Club

How would you and your loved ones like to be a part ot the Taking the Florida Plunge Birthday Club? We are very excited to announce that each week one lucky person will be chosen to have a birthday “shout out” from Walt Disney World. Simply put, your first name and a Happy Birthday message will be featured on one of our VLOGS!  The best part is you can choose where your “shout out” will take place. You could choose your favorite ride, attraction or place inside the parks and we will do our best to make your day special.

If you would like your birthday featured, please send your first name, state and birth date along with your favorite character, theme park, ride or attraction to .


Libby, Florida

November 21

Mickey, Magic Kingdom, Pirates of the Caribbean

So there you have it! The Birthday Club “shout out” will begin Thursday, April 17. Good luck and thanks for joining!

*Please know that the “shout out” will fall on Thursday each week. We will do our best to make your birthday “shout out” as special as possible, but there is no guarantee to all of your choices.


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