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Justin is a 29 year old father of 2 and husband of one. He resides in eastern Canada and is a Photographer and Stay-At-Home Dad.   Justin also runs a Life/Dad/Disney blog called Life in 140.  Justin is passionate for social media, photography, beautiful web design, and most of all Disney.  Brought up in a Disney obsessed house, his mother saved almost every extra penny she had to take him to Walt Disney World when he was 5 years old.  Since then he has been over 10 times and is in a constant state of Disney trip planning. His greatest accomplishment in life was converting his wife from a Disney Hater to a Disney Addict.  Justin offers a unique perspective on Disney from a Dad’s point of view and also from a Husbands point of view. One of his missions in life is to show other Dad’s and Men alike that Disney is not just for kids and that everyone can have a Disney side! He takes a thoughtful and humorous approach to his writing and promises to always give you an honest insight into his thoughts and feelings.

You can connect with him here: (Please get in touch!) Blog: Twitter: @140justinc Facebook: Life in 140 Pinterest: JustinConnors Instagram: 140justinC Flickr: justinconnors



Gretta List

After spending many years vacationing in Disney with my husband and two sons, this former New Yorker was lucky enough to move to the Space Coast in September 2013. While I love all thing Disney and especially Mickey Mouse, I’m finding I love the beaches and the Indian River as much as the parks!

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