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Florida Plunge Holiday Scavenger Hunt #FPHSH Challenge 7 Complete

Published December 23rd, 2013 by Scott Parker

Challenge Completed

Challenge 7 is in the history books!  Great job to all of my #FPHSH participants!

Below are the submitted pictures for Challenge 7.  If I’m missing anyone, please let me know.  Also, be sure and check the leader board, as we just had our got a new leader.  This race is going to come down to the last challenge.  How exciting!  You can check your current standing here.

50 Pts_Michelle Books_Challenge7
50 Pts_Rebecca Kelly_Challenge7
75 Pts_Brandy Hobbs_Challene7
100 Pts_Amy Beason_Challenge7
100 Pts_Carrie Catallano_Challenge7
100 Pts_Jim DeMarco_Challenge7

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