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Have A Cupcake Craving? Check Out The New Baymax Cupcake at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Are you like me and can’t wait to sink your teeth into some of the Disney desserts that are out there?  Well, here’s a new one for you to try.  It’s the new Baymax Cupcake served at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  I recently had the pleasure of sitting down to try one at Starring Rolls and I have to say, I was not disappointed.


The Baymax Cupcake is a large decadent chocolate cupcake, topped with a Banana Buttercream Icing and then drizzled with just the right amount of Caramel Drizzle.  As if that was not enough, the cupcake is then topped with a solid white chocolate Baymax.  I would make one suggestion when eating this cupcake, get a nice glass of milk to go with it!

You can purchase the Baymax Cupcake for $5.19 at Disney Hollywood Studios and they are available at various locations.  We recently found the cupcake available for sale at Starring Rolls and the ABC Commissary.

Like the previous specialty cupcakes, this Baymax delight is only here for a limited time so get yours soon!



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