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June 14, 2013 – It Only Took 36 Hours

The date is Friday, June 14th and we have yet to be in the house 24 hours.  The plan was always to wait until Monday for our first family trip over to Magic Kingdom.  We had important things to do like wait for movers, furniture delivery, etc.  Instead, Kristi stayed home and waited for all of those folks while I went to the Seminole County Water Company.  For what you might ask.  For PROOF OF RESIDENCY!  That’s right, all we needed was a valid utility bill in each of our names and we would be all set.

36 hours in the house and we found ourselves headed to Downtown Disney.  We chose to purchase our annual passes there to avoid having to pay for parking first before purchasing.

Scott (Pictured Above) was the Cast Member that sold us our AP’s and our Tables to Wonderland card.  He was great and offered lots of information.

With AP’s in hand, we hopped back into the car and headed to Magic Kingdom.  The 5 of us were so excited when we saw the W-E-L-C-O-M-E sign.

We really couldn’t believe we were driving into Magic Kingdom.  Once parked, we hopped on the tram and from there we decided to take the Ferry into the Kingdom.  It seemed like the logical choice so that we could soak in the view.  Oh and what a view it was.

The sun was starting to set behind the Grand Floridian to our left and straight ahead, we could see in the horizon, Cinderella’s Castle and Space Mountain.  Is there really a more spectacular sight than those two iconic features.

Once inside the park, we knew we were only staying a short while.  It was so great to not feel rushed and just enjoy the moment.  We each had one wish for the evening.  Benjamin and Lane wished to ride Astro Orbitor, Jayla wished to ride Stitches Great Escape, I wished to ride People Mover and Kristi wished for a chocolate covered Mickey rice krispy treat.  We all got what our Wishes granted…oh and we all saw Wishes too!

We left the Magic Kingdom and headed home knowing that we could come and go whenever we wanted and that was a great feeling.  As we drove home, the kids fell asleep in the back and Kristi and I discussed how we so look forward to the many family memories we will make on our many short 30 minute commutes to Walt Disney World.

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