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Making New Friends After Relocating

One of my biggest concerns when we relocated was how I will make friends.  You see, I work from home full time so I don’t get to drive to the office and meet new coworkers.  I wasn’t worried about the kids making new friends as they would be around their peers all day at school.  I wasn’t worried about Kristi either since she will have fellow teachers to reach out too in her new job.  If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m a very social person and this was really a concern for me.

After relocating, I decided to start attending Meet Ups.  A meet up is a gathering of persons who share the same interest as you.  There are meet ups like the one I host for Disney, there are wine and cheese meet ups, there are techy meet ups.  Honestly the topics for meet ups is endless.  I will now share with you my FAVORITE meet up.  It’s the monthly SANDWICH MEET UP hosted by Biggie and his blog Deli Fresh Threads.


Remember I said Biggie has turned his blog into a small business?  Well, that’s where I need your help.  Biggie makes some of the most creative Sandwich Themed tshirts and I want one, but I don’t know which shirt to buy.  Will you help me decide?  Take a look below and leave a message telling me which to purchase.  You can also view more Deli Fresh Threads merchandise here and if you like one of these better than the ones I’ve picked, let me know!  Also, if you Biggie is offering of my readers a 10% discount on his shirts.  Just use discount code “DFTshare” at time of checkout from his sites store.


As a bonus, Biggie is also offering Taking The Florida Plunge readers a 10% discount on his shirts.  Just use discount code “DFTshare” at time of checkout from his sites store.

If you are interested in finding Meet Ups in your area, check out MeetUp.Com.


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