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Meet the Teachers…Done!

Taking the plunge was a family decision and we had many discussions with the kids on what changes they can expect.  The biggest change would be school.  Today,  today, that change began.  We ventured to the kids new school and met their teachers.  You will notice Jayla has 2 teachers.  I like to think they need 2 teachers to handle her, but actually Jayla is doing participating in the schools first dual language Kindergarten.  First 1/2 of the day is English, the the 2nd 1/2 will be Spanish.  Jayla’s Spanish teacher just arrived from Spain a week ago to participate in this program as an instructor.  The kids are already talking about how much they like their teachers and are really looking forward to what this school year will bring.  As parents, we are very excited as well.  Here’s hoping all kids have a fantastic 2013-2014 school year, no matter what the grade.

Kids 2013-2014 Teachers

Kids 2013-2014 Teachers


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