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On The First Day Of Christmas My True Love Gave To Me….Challenge 4 #FPHSH2

You have made it through 3 rounds and I have to say that was definitely some innovative snowmen in Challenge 3.  It’s now time to get serious For this challenge the them is, you guessed, one of the most beloved Christmas Carols ever…On The First Day of Christmas!

Here is how it will work!

Pick you favorite line from On The First Day of Christmas and capture a photo of you reenacting it.  For this task I need you to have TWO Signs.  One to represent the numbered verse you are doing and the second needs to be a creative #FPHSH2 sign.

Points: 10 Points – Photo reenacting a song verse 5 Points – #FPHSH2 and Number Sign

Bonus Points: 1 Point (Maximum 12) for every person you bring into the picture to reenact with you, but there’s a catch.  If you have 7 people for example, you MUST DO Seven Swans a Swimming and ALL 7 Participants will be the swans!  Make Sense?  If not just head over to our Facebook Group page and drop me a note.

This challenge, should you choose to accept it, must be completed and submitted by 11:59p, Sunday, 12/14/14.

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