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Rock Your Disney Side – DIY Disney’s Mr Smee Costume

This past Halloween I attended my very first Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.  I asked my friends if I had to dress up and they all said no but encouraged me to anyway.  I’m so glad that I gave in to peer pressure and dressed up.  Being in costume (especially a Disney costume) took MNSSHP to a whole other level.

Because of the weather, OK the heat, in Orlando I knew I wanted to make my own costume.  I would never suggest a store bought costume for this event in mid September, as they are usually heavier and made for a much cooler climate.  My son and I were at Magic Kingdom earlier in this month and we hopped on one of our favorite rides, Peter Pan’s Flight.  It was on this ride I heard Captain Hook call out to Mr Smee and it hit me.  I wanted to be Mr. Smee for Halloween.  The costume was fairly simple to come up with, well everything except the infamous baby blue and white t-shirt.  The stores just don’t carry them in my size, or any size from what I saw.  I was determined to be Mr. Smee and I now want to share how you can be Mr. Smee for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party AND Disney’s Rock Your Disney Side 24 Hour event.

Here are the items you will need for this DIY project. Plain White T-shirt (Unless you have a wide blue and white striped t-shirt, good luck with that!) Navy Blue Gym Shorts Santa Hat (Preferably on of the smaller/thinner hats) Reading Glasses (remove glass if you do not require glasses, I opted to use my own prescription eye glasses) Brown Flip Flops (Optional:  I wore tennis shoes) Wide Painters Tape 1 Can Baby Blue Spray Paint 1 Small Can of Red Spray Paint Large  flat piece of card board Scissors Needle Thread

STEPS NEEDED TO CREATE MR. SMEE COSTUME 1.  Lay plain white t-shirt flat on large flat piece of card board (If you already have a baby blue and white striped shirt you are so luck and get to proceed to step 8) 2.  Using painters tape, tape out your white strips on the front of the plain white t-shirt 3.  Flip shirt over and tape out your white stripes on the back of the plain white t-shirt, lining them up with stripes on the front. 4.  Using Baby Blue Spray paint, make slow and steady strokes to spray paint the t-shirt generously. 5.  Allow t-shirt to dry and repeat step  4 on this side if necessary. 6.  Flip t-shirt and repeat steps 4-5. 7.  Once completely dry, remove painters tape and you will have made Mr. Smee’s shirt 8.  Using scissors, trip the white trip from the Santa hat, leaving just a bit of the white fluff so it appears as white hair coming out of the hat. 9.  If you think the the ball attached to the Santa hat is too large, you can trim the fur felt off with scissors.  This step will reveal a smaller white ball of material underneath. 10.  Using red spray paint, paint the ball of the hat red. 11.  Let dry and repeat step 10 if necessary 12.  Using the remaining white trip from the Santa hat, trim two pieces off that can be used as long side burns. 13.  Using needle and thread attach these sideburns to the sides of the hat so that they hang just in front of your ears.  (You may want another person to assist here to help you eye the placement of sideburns.) 14.  Remove glass from reading glasses if necessary.

There you have it, your costume is complete.


This costume is not only perfect for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, but it’s also a great way to ROCK YOUR DISNEY SIDE  at this years Villains vs Heroes 24 Hour event on May 23, 2014 at Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom and Disneyland.

Please leave a comment and let me know what costume you plan to wear to either of these events and share your pictures on our FACEBOOK page!



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