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Seaworld Aquatica Ihu’s Breakaway Falls Slide Install Nearly Complete

SeaWorld announced this past Wednesday that it installed the final slide of Ihu’s Breakaway Falls, Orlando’s “tallest, steepest and only multi-drop tower slide of its kind.”

“When the guests get to the top of this 80-foot-high platform, they’re going to step into one of three clear breakaway boxes,” Aquatica Orlando’s Vice President Bryan Nadeau said in February. “If they don’t want to do the breakaway box yet, we’ve got a fourth slide option for them, which is your more traditional body slide-type launch. Still, at 80 feet, (it’s) still just as thrilling, still just as long. We think they’re going to use that to introduce themselves to that breakaway box.”

You may be familiar with other water slides that have floors that drop out from under your feet.  Wet n’ Wild Orlando is home to “The Bomb Bay” and Disney Cruise Line is home to it’s own AquaDunk.  So what will make Ihu’s Breakaway Slide different?  Breakway Falls is going to put you face to face with your friends and they will be able to first hand, see the fear on your face.  Imagine, riding with your friend, looking at each other and neither of  you know who is going to drop first.  The anticipation of the fall just adds to the excitement of this experience.

Each slide is a different color and takes you on a different adventure, including what happens after you drop the initial 40 feet.

“(There’s), like, four 360-degree spirals before (riders) hit the runout,” Nadeau said, referring to one of the slides.

You may be asking yourself so what’s the scariest slide — the one everyone will challenge each other to go on?

“Orange is going to be the longest drop,” Nadeau said, smiling. “So I’m going to go big or I’m going to go home. So, orange will be the first I test ride.”

Ihu’s Breakaway Falls is scheduled to open on May 9.  Click Aquatica by SeaWorld to learn more about this ride and all of the other fun that is waiting for you.

I’m not sure this will be a slide that I will ever see the top of, but I know my son Lane is super excited.  He will ride them all.  Will you ride Ihu Breakaway Falls?



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