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Thanksgiving – It’s Almost Turkey Time

Published November 13, 2013 by Guest Writer/Libby Pennell

I love Thanksgiving….who doesn’t right? So much yummy goodness and quality time with the family. Every year I look most forward to the bird…yes that wonderful turkey. Years ago my family tried fried turkey at a friend’s house and let me tell you, I haven’t turned back! It is so moist and with the special rub we put on the bird, aw the flavor. Each year we would get the peanut oil and fill the propane tank for that glorious day of frying the turkey. However, when we moved to Florida in March last year we sold everything and I mean everything including the turkey fryer. So last November we decided to go purchase our beloved turkey fryer at the local Home Depot only to find a new and improved turkey fryer. Yes, I submit to you the Char-Broil oil-less Turkey Fryer!

Can I tell you just how cool this thing is! First of all its so much safer than having the heated peanut oil. I’m sure you have seen the stories each year of people burning their houses down cooking turkey. Nope, no oil here! The fryer uses infrared technology to cook the turkey.


So simple…you put the bird in and let cook. Timing depends on how large the turkey is. We try to get at least a 16 pound bird. That size bird should run about an hour and a half cooking time. The turkey must be thawed and for better taste rub the bird with seasoning the night before. Of course you need an adult to supervise the fryer until the turkey is done and my hubby is more than happy to sit outside and chat on his Smartphone while I slave in the kitchen. What amazes me about this fryer is how brown and crispy the turkey is.


The cleanup is a breeze. Just wait for the fryer to cool and wipe out the drippings, that’s it, you’re done! Nice thing about this fryer is you can cook chicken wings, whole chicken, etc. as well.


Hopefully if you have never tried fried turkey before, this is your year. You will not be sorry. Happy Thanksgiving and whatever method of cooking your turkey, I wish many blessings to you and your family!


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