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The FINAL 2014 #FPHSH2 Challenge – It’s ALL or NOTHING

I want to say, thank you to all that have participated in the 2nd Annual Florida Plunge Holiday Scavenger Hunt.  I, once again, have had a great time hosting and I hope your and your family have had fun participating.  My apologies for this last challenge coming after Christmas, however life got in the way here on my end.

Challenge 7 only had 2 folks participate and this has really put the game close.

Dave Drumheller submitted this photo for 20 points.

Challenge 7_Dave Drumheller_20 pts

The Schelin Family submitted the following picture for a whopping 125 points.

Challenge 7_Schelin Family_125 pts

Now it’s time for the final 2014 #FPHSH2 challenge.  It’s callled ALL OR NOTHING (OK,  you’ll earn something).

Here’s how it will work.  For 500 points you  must have each of the following elements in your picture.  If you do not have all elements, you will receive 20 points for each one you do have.

Item 1 – A Holiday Inflatable must be in the picture with you Item 2 – Include a Reindeer Game Item 3 – Include an unconventional Snowman Item 4 – Show something your true love gave to you Item 5 – Include a lamp Item 6 – Included at least 1 Ugly Sweater Item 7 – One person must wear a pair of Swim Goggles Item 8 – Include a #FPHSH2 Sign

You have until 5pm, January 1st 2015 to complete this extraordinary challenge.

Email your pictures to

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