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The Perfect Inexpensive Disney Christmas Tree Topper

When we moved to Orlando, we wanted the PERFECT Christmas Tree Topper, however we wanted it to be INEXPENSIVE!  We also knew that based on all the memories we had made at Walt Disney World since relocating to Orlando, we wanted the tree topper to be Disney themed.

While making a run to my local pharmacy, Walgreens, I saw this fantastic Mickey Light Up Ears that were made to stick on windows using the included suction cups for $9.99 plus tax.  Tree topper immediately came to mind!  Check your local Walgreens pharmacy or shop online for this or one similar.

It was so easy to make this Lighted Mickey Mouse a tree topper.  Let me show you.

Step 1: Carefully find just the right location near the top of your Christmas tree that you want the Lighted Mickey Mouse to rest.

Step 2: Place the Lighted Mickey Mouse in place.  We use an artificial Christmas tree, so to attach the Lighted Mickey Mouse  to the tree I just wrap a bendable limb to wrap around the base of Lighted Mickey Mouse and a separate limb to wrap around an unlit part of the Lighted Mickey Mouse ear. (Note:  If you use a live Christmas tree, you can accomplish this same affect with zip ties.)

Mickey Topper_5

Step 3: Plus your Lighted Mickey Ears into to extension of your existing Christmas Lights or if needed, run an extension cord up the inside of your tree to plug in the Lighted Mickey Ears.

Step 4: Plug in your Christmas Tree and ENJOY your perfect inexpensive Disney Christmas Tree Topper.

Mickey Topper_4

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