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The Travel Agent and Client Partnership

October 25, 2013 by Kim White/MMP Travel Agent

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After a few years of booking and planning trips for people, I often fall into the category of assuming people know certain commonalities of Walt Disney World travel. What do they say about ‘assuming’? It makes an a** out of you and me. Well in my case it’s usually me if I don’t effectively communicate,but you, as a guest, also need to know that you can ask me anything about your trip. Just as we are told in school, no question is a dumb question. It’s really a two-way street. I can’t help you with something if I don’t know what’s on your mind.

In our business we communicate in so many different ways that things can get lost in translation. There is email, texting, Facebook, messaging on Facebook and now I’m even starting to Google Chat more with my clients. It’s good to keep record of any questions that come but sometimes you just can’t remember the answer.  What is my point? Well I guess I just want my clients and potential clients to know that I would  rather you ask me questions over and over  than think I’ve probably already told you so you don’t want to bother me again. It’s NO bother. I’m here for you and I make mistakes too. We are human, and even with the best intentions some things can get lost in translation.

There are certain things that are in my control and there are others that aren’t. The resorts, airlines, and ticket vendors, all have their set of rules in place that I just can’t change. I wish the airlines would let you change your tickets without penalty. I wish you could make changes to your Disney reservation without penalties even if it’s within 45 days of checking in and I wish you could get refunds on tickets you don’t use. But that’s not how it is.

I have clients send me messages on Twitter or text me while walking through Magic Kingdom asking me how do I get to Hoop Dee Doo Review? I’m always happy to help!  Don’t be shy about asking!

Here are some common questions I get asked. Do you know the answers? 1. What is Magical Express? 2. How do I know how many dining credits I have? 3. What do I do with left over dining credits? 4. How many fast passes can I get? 5. Can I change resorts? 6. Can I go to Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom in the same day? (or any two parks) 7. My flight arrives at 11:15 pm. Can I still use the Magical Express bus?

These are all GREAT questions and I try to do my best to cover them all. How can I help you book your next vacation?

When you are ready to plan your next Walt Disney World adventure, give us a call!  800-272-7739 or  We guarantee the lowest prices on all Walt Disney World vacation package.  Experience personal service from agents who care.  Our services are always free!

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