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Tips For Applying For An Out Of State Job

You are ready to take the Florida Plunge, but you need that job first.  While you are willing to relocate, you need to understand that many companies are hesitant to hire, or even interview, out of state applicants.  Here are a few tips to help you stand out and get that interview

  1. Find a Mailbox company, family member or friend with an address perceived as within commuting distance for the jobs you are applying.

  2. Get a phone number (use Skype or Google Voice) that is in the area code of the jobs you are searching.

  3. In your cover letter, mention that you are currently working in another city, however let the employer know you have begun the transitioning to the new location.  This is true if you have established a mailing address and phone number.

  4. It is not recommended that your resume only list your name, email and phone.  This bare-boned can get you eliminated from consideration as the employer may feel you are hiding something.

  5. In your cover letter or email that accompanies your resume, tell the potential employer that you are open to relocation.  If your relocation plans are in place, let the employer know when you will be a resident.

  6. The easier you make the relocation process for the company involved, the more likely they will be to consider you.  You may even want to consider paying for your own transportation to the interview.

As important as all of these tips are, the most important consideration is your resume and cover letter.  Ensure that all of your skills, accomplishments and experiences that companies in your target state are looking for are listed.


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