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Universal Studios Secret Entrance

October 16, 2013 by Christine Hardenberger


Here’s a tip for avoiding some of the crowds at Universal Studios Florida.  Use the secret entrance!

It’s not really a “secret,” but very few people know that Universal Studios Florida has a second entrance near the Blue Man Group auditorium, just under the Rip, Ride, Rocket roller coaster!

 By very few, we mean almost no one!  Generally, you can walk right in without waiting a single minute.

On the busy days we have coming up at the Florida theme parks, gate entry can become one of the biggest bottlenecks of the day.  Don’t let that happen at Universal Studios Florida!

In order to use this secret most effectively, we recommend that you pre-purchase your tickets — thereby avoiding another wait.  This entrance requires that you already have your ticket, which you can purchase at the main entrance, but, as we pointed out in our earlier post on pre-purchasing tickets, that just another hassle.

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