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Villains Unleashed – A List of a Few Disney Villains Making an Appearance

Villains Unleashed, a separate ticketed event, will take place at Disney Hollywood Studios on August 23, 2014.  Disney Villains will be ruling the park for the evening and Disney has promised there will be tons of mischief and mayhem, all topped off with a spectacular fireworks show in wicked proportion called Villains in the Sky!

Disney Parks Blog has received a sneak peek at a portion of the invite list and has shared it with us.  Disney also promises that more villains will be on hand at the the event, but here’s a few names you may recognize. (Entertainment is subject to change!).

  1. Hades

  2. Meg

  3. Pain

  4. Panic

  5. Anastasia

  6. Drizella

  7. Lady Tremaine

  8. J. Worthington Foulfellow

  9. Gideon

  10. Big Bad Wolf

  11. Cruella De Vil

  12. Captain Hook

  13. Mr. Smee

  14. Bowler Hat Guy

  15. Shenzi

  16. Banzai

  17. Ed

  18. Gaston

  19. Queen of Hearts

  20. Maleficent

  21. Jafar

  22. Darth Vader

  23. Darth Maul

  24. Boba Fett

  25. Asajj Ventress

  26. Emperor Palpatine

  27. Stormtrooper

  28. Zam Wessell

  29. Jango Fett

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