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Walt Disney World Removes Another Favorite Piece Of Magic

I can handle all the walls going up around Walt Disney World.  I am OK with the missing garland along Main Street U.S.A.  I can even handle the fact that Queen Elsa lights Cinderella Castle without the help from my beloved Fairy God Mother.  What I cannot handle however, is the latest piece of magic that has been removed from my happy place, Magic Kingdom.  It’s is with deep sadness that I report to you that Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn & Cafe no longer carries the infamous TACO SALAD BOWL!  That’s right, the warm tortilla with a spoonful of beef that would travel with you over to the toppings bar where you could load with lettuce, tomato, grilled onions, warm mushrooms, salsa, sour cream and cheese is no longer available.


I know, take a moment….breath, grab a tissue, do whatever you need to do to work through this sadness.

The worst part – it’s been replaced by a CHICKEN SANDWICH!  WHAT?  If I wanted a chicken sandwich I would head over to Sleepy Hollow and get the best chicken sandwich (BONUS – it’s on a waffle) in the park!  A chicken sandwich will never replace the TACO SALAD BOWL in my opinion.

Resources (OK, the CM behind the counter) have advised that the Taco Bowl will be available at Tortuga Tavern, but let’s be honest – has anyone ever been to Magic Kingdom when this place is open?

I can’t be the only one devastated over this news.  I suggest that we all take a moment and share fond memories of the Taco Salad Bowl.  What were your favorite toppings?

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