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  • kymberlyboswell7

What’s Hiding At Disney’s Animal Kingdom Expedition Everest?

Finding hidden Mickeys is one of our families favorite activities to pass the time when we are standing in queue for an experience and this was no exception with our recent visit to Animal Kingdom.  On this particular visit, we were standing in queue for Expedition Everest and I told them that we were about to be part of one HUGE Hidden Mickey.  With confusion in their eyes, the kids looked at me and just nodded their heads with that “Sure Dad” kinda look.  You probably know the look I’m talking about.

Did  you know that Expedition Everest makes the shape of a hidden Mickey?  Did you know that it also makes the shape of a hidden Oswald?  Take a look at this image i pulled form Google Earth.  If you are like me, knowing this fact makes this ride even that much more magical.

As for my kids, when I shared this picture with them they gave me the “That’s So Cool” look.  Yeah, I was feeling like the hip Dad when they gave me this look!  I don’t get it often, but when I do I relish in it!



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