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A Christmas Story – #FPHSH2 Challenge 5 Is Complete

WOW!  You guys are in this to win it!  We had 6 entries for Challenge 5 and all were creative and HILARIOUS!  To remind readers what this challenge was, participants had to show their love for one of my favorite Christmas movies, A Christmas Story, by becoming a One Legged Lamp.  They also had to include a sign that read #FPHSH2.

The judging for this contest was done by a fellow plunger, Joe Triggs-Smith.  He does not know any of the participants and his final judging stands.

Honorable Mentions, earning 40 points each, I give you Michelle Books, Lisa & Daniel Stinson and Chasity Rosenberg

Challenge 5_Stinson_40 pts
Challenge 5_Charity_40 pts

In 3rd place, earning 60 points, I present to you Dave Drumheller!

Challenge 5_Dave Drumheller_60 pts

In 2nd place, earning 70 points, here is Jamie Schelin in her best 1 legged lamp imitation.

Challenge 5_Jamie_70 pts

In 1st Place, earning 80 pts, all I can say is, way to put your whole body into it Amy Shelley!

Chalenge 5_Amy_80 pts

At the completion of Challenge 5, the #FPHSH2 standings are:

1st Place:  Amy Shelley – 161 pts 2nd Palce: Jamie Schelin – 133 pts 3rd Place:  Dave Drumheller – 109 pts 4th Place:  Michelle Books – 94 pts 5th Place:  Lisa Stinson – 87 pts

It’s still anyone’s game, so STAY TUNED!  Challenge 6 will be revealed  tomorrow morning!

Happy Holidays! Scott

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