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A Look Back At The Taping of the 2014 Disney Parks Frozen Christmas Celebration #DisneyParade

The 2014 Disney Parks Frozen Christmas Celebration, or better known as The Disney Parade, has completed taping at Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom. Taping of this magical event took place Dec. 6-9, 2014.  Though some may find it torture, I consider myself lucky to be at Magic Kingdom to take take part of in an event of this magnitude.  The Disney Parade is a tradition in many families on Christmas Day and I’m so glad I got to be a part of that magic!

Unfortunately, I missed Day 1, but I was excited to attend on Day 2 of taping.  It was on this day that I was able to watch Olaf in his summer outfit, along with Dance the Magic, perform “Summer Time.”  The energy was great and I loved Olaf’s soft shoe dance number.


Day 3 taping experience can be summed up in one word – Rain! This pretty much describes this full day of taping.  But even with rain, the audience energy was HIGH, as this was the day that Ariana Grande and Lexi Walker were to tape their segments for the Disney Christmas Parade.  Taping did proceed as scheduled, even in the inclement weather.  Oh! And we were not able to keep our umbrellas up or ponchos on.  There was know way a little rain was going to dismiss the Disney Magic!

Ariana Grande, who was born in Boca Raton, is known by some as Cat Valentine in Nickelodeon’s ‘Victorious’.  In recent years, she has topped the music charts with hits like “Problem” and “Break Free”.  On this day, Ariana was sharing the her new Christmas hit, “Santa Tell Me”


Lexi Walker, the 11 year old You Tube sensation, was next on stage…and yes, it was still raining.  You may be asking who is Lexi Walker.  This 11 year old power house is incredible.  Many of you may know her from her African Tribal Cover of the Froze hit, Let It Go.  On this day, Lexi performed a version of Let It Go, while being backed up by the Lake Nona Treble Choir.  I loved her performance, I loved how she handled her young self with the crowd and rain and I cannot wait to see this performance on 12/25.  You will not want to miss it.  Let’s just say there is going to be an amazing special effect!


We have now made it to Day 4 of taping.  The temperatures are nice and cool and it’s starting to feel like Christmas.  Oh and there’s NO RAIN!  It’s truly the perfect day at Magic Kingdom.

I arrived at Magic Kingdom about 6:45am.  As we were ferried over to Magic Kingdom, this was the site we saw.  It was breathtaking!

Early Morning Castle

Once we arrived into Magic Kingdom, we were all taken to Liberty Square.  It was this point I was able to confirm that Robin Roberts and Tim Tebow would be hosting after seeing their names on the teleprompters.  I then realized I was surrounded by Strom Troopers, Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, C3P0 and R2D2.  There was, however, one Jedi standing on the X-Wing without his face showing.  This is how Tim Tebow would make his introduction in the Disney Christmas Parade.


Once the Star Wars piece was taped, our group was offered the opportunity to hope aboard Liberty Belle for taping.  Of course, we jumped on that opportunity.  I’ve never seen so many folks wanting to board that grand vessel.  And let me tell you, we were a lively group.  Here are some pictures I took while aboard the boat.


Once taping was completed in Frontierland, we moved back to Main Street where we claimed our spots on Main Street USA.  We hoped to have great seats for pictures, but even more importantly we hoped to have seats that provided the greatest opportunity to be on TV!  I think we were in those seats.  We will surely find out when the parade airs on 12/25/14 on ABC at 10am EST.  Here are some pictures taken during filming on Main Street.


Once the filming on Main Street was completed we moved to the Hub.  The highlight here was seeing Hero and Baymax from the Disney Hit Movie, Big Hero 6, as well as the stagecoach that was used in the filming of the yet to be released Disney Movie, Cinderella.  Here are a few pictures and short clip of Cinderella’s stagecoach.  After that we ended our day at the taping of Alex and Sierra, winners of X Factor 2013, singing the Frozen hit “Love Is An Open Door”.



Here is a short video of the Stage Coach used in the upcoming Disney Movie, Cinderella.


I hope you will watch the parade on Christmas Day and I look forward to your thoughts. Here’s a reminder of the times and be sure and look for the big guy wearing the Red Antlers!



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