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Are You Ready for the #CoolestSummerEver Magic Kingdom 24 Hour Event?

I love when Olaf says “I don’t have a skull…or bones” in the Disney movie Frozen. That’s probably how I will feel at the end of the Disney Magic Kingdom #CoolestSummerEver 24 Hour Event, but I still can’t wait.  I can’t wait to be in the parks, see all of you  AND see these commemorative shirts and and sugar filled cupcakes.

Check out these photos Disney Parks Blog shared today.


This year’s shirt will contain ink that changes color when exposed to sunlight.

The shirt will be found in Emporium on Main Street, U.S.A. in Magic Kingdom Park. We will also offer it online from May 22-31 at


In addition to the shirt, guests will find a festive cupcake found in the following locations:

  1. Main Street Bakery and Main Street Confectionary on Main Street, U.S.A.

  2. Gaston’s Tavern and Big Top Souvenirs in New Fantasyland

It’s going to be a great 24 hour event and I look forward to seeing you at Magic Kingdom and if you can’t be there be sure to follow me at the following:

  1. Facebook – Taking the Florida Plunge

  2. Instagram – @FloridaPlunge

  3. Twitter – @FloridaPlunge

  4. Periscope App for iPhone (Yes, I will be live streaming) – FloridaPlunge



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