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Challenge 2 – 2nd Annual Florida Plunge Holiday Scavenger Hunt #FPHSH2

Congratulations once again to all of you that completed the #FPHSH2 Challenge 1.  What, no points on the board yet?  Don’t fret.  This is all about fun and there will be plenty of opportunities for points.

With all of that said, Let’s move on to Challenge 2.  The name of this challenge is


Here is your challenge if you choose to accept:

1.  10 Points – Host a Family Game Night and you must include a #FPHSH2 sign in your picture.  Oh yeah, no excuses, 1 Person games exist! 2.  1 Bonus Point for EVERY PERSON in the photo for 2 persons and beyond. 3.  5 Bonus Points if EVERYONE in the picture is wearing REINDEER ANTLERS and has a RED NOSE.  It is Reindeer Games, right? ALL Entries are due by 11pm EST, Sunday, 12/7/14.

Good Luck!


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