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Disney’s Princess Fairytale Hall at Magic Kingdom Sneak Peek

Ask any little girl who comes to Disney World who her favorite Disney Princess is and you will get an array of answers.  There’s Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel, Aurora and so many others that help make every little girls wish come true.  It’s such a heart felt moment when you see a Disney Princess kneel down next to your child and have that private conversation.  It really is magical.  Walt Disney World has now taken this experience a step farther and on Wednesday, September 18, 2013 it will open the grand doors to Princess Fairytale Hall.

On Friday the 13th, I was lucky enough to be among other bloggers to get a “sneak peak” of Princess Fairytale Hall.  This was a surprise gift that Disney Parks provided us at the Disney Parks Blog #NotSoScary Treat Up.  As a Dad, I could not wait to see first hand what my daughter would experience in the very near future.  As we made our way over to the  venue, I started thinking about what used to be in it’s place.  The infamous dark ride, Snow Whites Scary Adventures was housed in that very spot.  I know I had seen renderings of what the hall would look like, but I honestly couldn’t imagine taking the space that was used for a dark ride and creating a luxurious hall to house to most famous of Princesses.  Let me tell you, the Princess Fairytale Hall in Magic Kingdom did not disappoint.  A few items that jumped out at me before ever encountering the Princesses were the grand sign at the entrance, the many chandeliers, the beautiful stained glass, the individual portraits of the Disney Princesses  and infamous Glass Slipper.  The queue for this experience was something to be awed over.  The attention to detail was top notch Disney.

Below are a few pictures I captured during this sneak peak.



I know that they say pictures are worth a thousand words, but I just don’t think these pictures do the Princess Fairytale Hall justice.  My friend Big Fat Panda, has provided this fun walk through video of the Princess Fairytale Hall.  I hope you enjoy this walk through as much as we did.


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