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Driving in Florida…Don’t Stop to Pay Tolls

Are you planning on driving in Florida during your next vacation?  If the answer is yes, I encourage you to adjust your budget and take advantage of the Florida Turnpike and the SunPass.  If your travel will include traveling by car in Orlando, South Beach, Key West, or the Gulf Coast, SunPass, Florida Department of Transportation’s innovative Prepaid Toll Program, will help you save time and money when driving on our toll roads.  Now I’m not one to usually promote Toll Roads, but if you have traveled up and down I-4 in Orlando while on vacation, you may understand this post.

Purchasing a SunPass prior to your travels will save you so much time.  No more stopping to pay tolls.  SunPass offers a Mini Transponder and a Portable Transponder for Personal and Commercial.  For vacation travel, I would suggest purchasing the Personal Mini “Sticker” Transponder.  The cost is $4.99 plus tax, plus a required $10.00 minimum initial balance. This means that you can get started with the SunPass Prepaid Toll Program for as little as $14.99 plus tax.  For personal accounts only. Click here to purchase a SunPass and establish your personal SunPass Prepaid Account on-line.  For more information on the SunPass Prepaid Toll Program you can click here.

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