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HEY PLUNGERS!  It’s me again, Figment Foodie!  This past Monday, I had the opportunity to experience outrageously delicious custom pizza creations at Disney Springs’ new restaurant, Blaze Fast-Fire’d Pizza.

As you walk through the door, a blast of that classic wood-fire smell and warmth welcomes you into the location. Even the Cast Members were very warm and welcoming. You immediately feel that ping in your stomach telling you this is going to be delicious…and it was!

The vibe was really energetic and fast paced…after loading your custom pizza up with toppings, it is baked to perfection in about 2 minutes. Perfect for me, because I was ready to dig in to my goat cheese, roasted zucchini, and diablo sauced pie.

As far as the menu goes, it is pretty straight forward. You can see their menu here:

Step 1) Pick your dough: thin, high-rise, or gluten-free- I picked the thin crust

Step 2) Pick your sauce and cheese(s)- Spicy diablo and basil pesto sauces, plus mozzarella, goat, and ricotta cheeses for me!

Step 3) Pick your meats- Meatballs and ham…yum!

Step 4) Pick your veggies and drizzle- I love my veggies! Cherry Tomatoes, spinach, green pepper, roasted zucchini, and artichokes with an olive oil drizzle.

We arrived to the location about 6pm…prime dinner time. Despite being peak business, the service was very Disney- courteous and efficient. There were lots of seating options both indoors and outdoors. I didn’t feel like I was rubbing elbows with other people, which was refreshing.

Our names were called and our pizzas were collected (piping hot!). The only challenge I had was finding napkins. But turns out they were right under my nose at the drink station!  Oops.

We settled into our seats which overlooked the famous Disney Springs, and took our first bites.  And oh my, it was magic!


The toppings and cheese were nicely toasted and the sauce was very vibrant and fresh. The crust was crispy and chewy. As a preference, I wish they would have added cornmeal to the bottom of the dough to give that little extra bite, but the flavor was spot on.

In summary, Blaze is a great addition to Disney Springs and well worth the quick-service level pricing. Best pizza on property, I’d say. We left very full and very happy. Definitely will go back and ASAP!


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