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Florida Coast Sea Life

Mike and I were recently taking a walk along the sea wall when we saw this giant crab in the river.  Well, Mike just had to go grab the net so we could take a look at him.  He was H-U-G-E!!!  The shell was a good 8 inches long.


After a quick check in our guide book, we learned that we had found a Giant Red Hermit Crab.  We have a great book that I can count on when we come across sea shells and wild life along the water.  The book is titled Florida Living Beaches: A Guide for the Curious Beachcomber.


Encountering new sea life and sea shells is yet another reason we love it here on the Space Coast and another reason we are so happy we took the Florida plunge.  We encourage you to take that day trip, weekend trip or even a weeks vacation over here on the Space Coast.  You’ll love it!

~ Gretta


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