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Florida Plunge Holiday Scavenger Hunt #FPHSH Challenge 2 Complete

Published December 8th, 2013 by Scott Parker

Challenge Completed

Wow!  The Florida Plunge Holiday Scavenger Hunt is turning out to be a great success and it’s all because of you!  I hope you are having a great time with your family and friends completing the challenges!  I know we are having a great time seeing and sharing your photos.  For those who haven’t submitted an entry yet, it’s not too late.  Remember this is all about family fun and I’d love to see all of you involved.  If you haven’t registered to play, just send me a note on Facebook or email and I’ll be happy to add you.

FANTASTIC job to all of you completed challenge 2.  I loved the creativity that was used in a lot of these photos.  And let me just say, several of the pictures in this challenge were Christmas Card worthy!   Challenge 3 will be posted shortly.  Remember, the participant with the most points WINS, not the team that completes the most challenges.  So it’s not too late to get started!

Below are pictures of all #FPHSH Challenge 2 entries.  You can check your standings in the scavenger hunt here.

2 Pts_Mark Vitek_Challenge2
4 Pts_Christine Hardenberger_Challenge2
4 Pts_Erin Keller_Challenge2
4 Pts_Jennifer Scolforo_Challenge2
6 Pts_Cindy Burgess_Challenge2
6 Pts_Maureen Deal_Challenge2
6 Pts_Tracey Farley_Challenge2
8 Pts_Amber Fraille_Challenge2
8 Pts_Daphne Kuzminsky_Challenge2
9 Pts_Brandy Jones Hobbs_Challenge2
10 Pts_Jim DeMarco_Challenge2
11 Pts_Carrie Catalano_Challenge2
11 Pts_Lena Slaven_Challenge2
11 Pts_Lisa Didomenico Cameron_Challenge2
13 Pts_Jud Hindes_Challenge2
15 Pts_Al Tumielewicz_Challenge2
15 Pts_Christine Slater_Challenge2
15 Pts_Jen Hassell_Challenge2
15 Pts_Jenny Sennett_Challenge2
15 Pts_Josette Smith_Challenge2
17 Pts_Amy Beason_Challenge2
27 Pts_Louise Saler Reinier_Challenge2

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